Design To Manufacture

Rotadyne has specialised in the design and manufacture of proprietary products for an incredibly wide range of industries. Since 1973.

D2M: A Complete ‘Design to Manufacture’ Solution

Since 1973, Rotadyne has earned an enviable reputation for taking products from a raw concept, and transforming them into market leaders.

We combine innovation and engineering know-how, with the functionality of advanced rotational moulding and complimentary manufacturing technologies. This is the turn-key, design-to-manufacture solution.

We call this service ‘Rotadyne D2M’.

We support our customers from the initial scope of works, all the way through to concepts, designs, working prototypes, manufacturing and fully assembled products. Our in-house product design and engineering team, with their passion for ‘pushing the envelope’, are supported by experienced technicians. 

From straightforward to complex. From a small run to larger orders. From a part that fits in the palm of your hand, to a huge 10,000 litre water tank.

At Rotadyne, there are no limits to our imagination and manufacturing expertise.

Meet the Polyethylene’s

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Moulding Through the Ages

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How Additives Changed the Narrative

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The Pallet Perspective

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Peace of Mind

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The Plastics Family

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Foam, Sweet Foam

Each product we run here at Rotadyne is unique. Working with a wide array of industries means versatility is essential to fulfil a diverse set of custom requirements, and one of the many ways Rotadyne achieves this is with our flare for flexible...

Moulding Methods

Moulding is an ancient practice which has been used for generations across cultures. It describes the process of creating objects by melting the chosen material into a pliable form, and then shaping it into the desired shape using a rigid frame...

Points Of Difference



Custom designs. Bespoke solutions. Your ideas and ours. Developed with 3D CAD and simulation technology. Utilising our palette of finishes, patterns, colours, in-mould graphics, embossing and various materials including polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, PVC and biopolymers (PLA).



Everything you need under one roof. A seamless and collaborative process. Product design, prototyping, testing, rotary mould manufacturing, assembly, storage and distribution. From 10 units to 1000. For local and overseas markets.



Dedicated and passionate. Enormously experienced. With a spirit of excellence. Rotadyne features a cohesive group of industrial designers, engineers, technicians, production and support personnel who have worked together for decades.



Rotadyne is your research and development partner. Assisting you to transition raw concepts into completed products and re-engineer existing products to deliver even greater outcomes. Incorporating the numerous benefits of rotational moulding which release our creativity.