Custom Moulding

When it comes to custom moulding, the only limit is your imagination. Our highly experienced design and engineering team will work with you to transform your idea into a finished product.

Our advanced rotational moulding techniques enable us to create products of virtually any shape or size, including complex parts and intricate designs, while ensuring strong, uniform wall thickness and numerous benefits over other types of materials like Aluminium, Steel, Wood and Fibre Glass.

Some of our custom services:

• Product design and development

• Laser trimming

• Foam filling

• Tooling

• Assembly

• Mould-in graphics

Our clients include: Coca Cola, Siemens Water Technologies, ELGAS, CSIRO and NRMA.


Mould in Graphics

Mould In Graphics and Mould On Graphics embed a message or design into the resin and the graphics are completely absorbed into the wall of your product and protected by a layer of plastic. The result is graphics that are impervious to chemicals, solvents, saltwater, rain, steam, ice, pressure washing or standard washing - they will not peel off or fade like other products.

There are many uses for graphics including:

• Name & Logo

• Safety/Warning Graphics

• Instructional Graphics

• Private labels

• Second Language Graphics

• Decorative Design



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