Our Products

Functional. Durable. Stylish. Unlimited.

Rotadyne began making highly specialised proprietary products in 1973 and since then we have supported an incredibly wide range of industries. From medical to maritime. Chemical to civil engineering. Home building to health. Automotive to architectural.

Given the versatility and affordability of rotational moulding, and our ability to design innovative solutions, Rotadyne has become the supplier-of-choice to a number of sectors including Marine, Lighting and Tanks.

Marine Products

Precision moulded from UV20 (ASTM D2565) stabilised polyethylene. Empty or foam filled. Designed  to survive the harshest working conditions. Select from a complete range of floats and buoys.

Lighting Range

Elegant designs which complement a range of styles and decors. Spheres, diffusers, bollards and custom. Ideal for architect designed homes, retail showrooms, commercial buildings, shopping centres and public places.

Tank Range

Rugged long-life construction. For chemicals or water. Round, slimline and custom designs up to 10,000 litres capacity. Bunded (chemical only). A wide range of colours. Rotadyne has made a name for itself in cities and rural areas for making reliable and attractively designed tanks.

Chemical Tank Range

Purpose designed for storing chemicals, including side by side storage of incompatible chemicals. 100-1500 Litre capacities with customisable fit-outs. 

Underground Pumpstations

Durable Polyethylene Underground pump stations provided by SPE Polytech. Available with either Internal or external Valve chambers and with square or rectangular access covers. .