Chemical Tank Range

  • Purpose designed for storing chemicals
  • Precision moulded from UV20 (ASTM D2565) stabilised polyethylene
  • Rugged long-life construction
  • Innovative Bund systems allow for side by side storage of incompatible chemicals
  • Customisable fit-outs available
  • 100-1500 litres tank and bund capacity
  • Range of colours
  • Market leader

110-550 Litre Chemical Tanks

100L Bunded Tank

Tank Volume: 100L
Bund Volume: 335L

200L Bunded Tank

Tank Volume: 200L
Bund Volume: 335L

335L Bunded Tank

Tank Volume: 335L
Bund Volume: 335L

550L Bunded Tank

Tank Volume: 550L
Bund Volume: 550L

The Rotadyne Bunded Tank range is available as standard set-up, with the tank and bund, or it can be configured with custom equipment to suit your specific requirements.

Custom Equipment can include:

  • Sight glass
  • Dosing tank
  • Custom pipes and hoses
  • Vents
  • Pail/drum holders
  • Pumps
  • Inlets and outlets
  • Pipe fittings

IBC Bund Systems

IBC BunD System

IBC Volume: 1000L
Bund Volume: 1600L
Customized fit-outs available on request.
Available with custom welded or fitted piping.
Day tank available.


1600L Bund

Bund Volume: 1600L
Available with/without Mesh.
With Mesh: 1000L IBC
No Mesh: 1500L IBC on Bund floor