When operating in hostile environments, equipment needs to be sturdy and fault proof, else lives are at stake. For AllightSykes, a specialist provider of equipment for the mining industry, the environments its products operate within need to be robust indeed.

Rotadyne has been a preferred provider of equipment to AllightSykes for some time, having previously demonstrated an expertise in custom rotomolding jobs for mining applications. The team had in the past produced a trailer-mounted pump set with rotomolded panels for AllightSykes, which had won an award for its expert design. Because of this the company was a natural choice when AllightSykes went looking for a new acoustic canopy for a pump and engine combination.

“What we were doing originally was getting our canopies pressed from metals with a glass fibre insert that could cut out the noise,” AllightSkyes Industrial Designer, Duncan MacDonald said. “When we approached Rotadyne, Sebastian and the team told us that they had a new product that could deliver a superior result.” Because the primary goal of the canopy is to reduce noise, the first stage was to test the plastic (integral polyethylene) for its ability to minimise sound. This was done at the National Acoustic Laboratories in NSW, and was successful in demonstrating that the plastics are capable of dampening noise to a required level. Now the product is now being tested for airflow, and MacDonald said all the results have been very positive indeed.

“…They’ve been in the game longer and prepared to go the distance…”

The rotomolded solution is delivering three critical benefits to AllightSykes:

  • It provides AllightSykes with a greater range of customisation options, which allows the engineers to better tailor solutions for customers.
  • The total price of the solution is less than the cost of the incumbent solution.
  • The Rotadyne solution is modular, which will help the AllightSkyes team to scale it in the future.

…a critical advantage over the existing solution…

MacDonald said the Rotadyne team’s ability to engage proactively and offer expert advice has been a critical factor in the ongoing positive partnership between the two companies.

“In the future we want the panels from this design to be used in bigger, larger products,” MacDonald said. “There’s a universality to these panels, which has excited everyone here.”

“They’ve been in the game longer and prepared to go the distance,” MacDonald said. “The Rotadyne team has been more than willing to come in whenever we had any questions, and that’s not a service that you get from too many organisations.”