Rotadyne Proprietary Products

Rotadyne manufacture a range of proprietary products for various industries that are purpose-designed and precision moulded from UV stabilised polyethylene for long, trouble-free service life in the toughest conditions.



Our advanced rotational moulding techniques enable us to create products of virtually any shape or size while ensuring strong, uniform wall thickness.

The seamless, one-piece construction enables our marine products to be aesthetically pleasing, yet tough enough to withstand the harshest environments, resisting deterioration by sun and seawater. They can also be foam-filled for added strength.

Examples of our marine products include:

• Mooring and marker buoys

• SOLAS-approved lifebuoys

• Navigation aids

• Boom floats

• Fuel tanks

• Net floats

Our experienced designers can also design and manufacture custom products to suit your exact needs.

Some of our clients include: The Royal Australian Navy, Sydney Waterways Authority, WA Department of Transport, Sydney Ports Authority and National Parks & Wildlife Service.


Easy Rider Mooring System

Rotadyne is the N.S.W. distributor for the Easy Rider Mooring System. This mooring utilises one of the only certified anchoring systems in the world. An environmentally friendly system that provides reduced swing room and more comfortable ride for vessels up to 35 metres in length and weighing up to 60 tons.

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Solar Technology Australia

Solar Technology Australia is renowned as one of Australia's leading providers of high quality Marine Navigational Aids. Rotadyne are proud to be associated with Solar Technology as the manufacturer of their navigation aid range.

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ABS Type Approval Program

The ABS Type Approval Program certifies that enrolled manufacturers around the world are capable of consistently producing a product in compliance with product specifications. Each product is tested extensively to verify that it will perform reliably in the marine and offshore environment.

Rotadyne's LB28 and LB30 Lifebuoys have been Type and SOLAS approved by ABS.


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We can design and create a vast range of lights in virtually any shape or size. Rotadyne lighting products are designed to look good and offer superior light diffusion while withstanding the toughest conditions, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Typical Rotadyne moulded lighting products include:

• COS light

• Double cone

• Ovoids

• Bollards

• Lamp cover

• Spheres

• Cubes

Rotadyne lights are produced in Opal unless otherwise specified, but can be produced in other colours for special effects.


  Download our Lighting spec sheet.



Storage and Handling

Cost-effective and built to last, the seamless one-piece construction of our storage and handling products provides high load-bearing capacity without vulnerable weak points. Ideal for environmental extremes, they resist most alkalis, acids, salts and seawater. Surfaces are non-toxic, odourless, splinter-free and won't rust or rot, making them perfect for storing and transporting liquids and chemicals.

Typical Rotadyne moulded materials handling products include:

• Stackable containers

• Pallets (including steel reinforced designs)

• Tanks for liquid storage

We can mould in your corporate colours and incorporate your logo or company name to simplify Product, Department or Transport identification. We have designed and manufactured product for the Consumer, Industrial, Leisure, Transport, Electronic, Agricultural and Defence Industries.


  Download our Storage and Handling spec sheet.



Water Tanks

Rotadyne create water tanks in a large range of sizes and colours that are designed to fit your surroundings as well as your water needs. We offer slimline tanks from 1000 to 5000 litres and cylindrical tanks from  1000 to 10,000 litres under the deTank brand.

All Rotadyne tanks are made from Certified (Food Grade) Polyethylene with the highest UV rating, and are certified under the Australian Standard.

Up to 10 years warranty is offered on proprietary Rotadyne Water Tanks. See the warranty sheet for more information.


  Download our deTank Water Tanks brochure.


  Download our deTank Water Tanks warranty sheet.



EZYROLL Compost Barrow

Rotadyne is the N.S.W. Manufacturer and Distributor of the EZYROLL Compost Barrow.

Unlike standing compost bins or open compost heaps, the EZYROLL Compost Barrow provides the right environment for naturally occurring aerobic bacteria to develop and thrive, heating the contents, eliminating unpleasant smells and methane gas which causes atmospheric pollution.

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Fountain Bases

Rotadyne’s range of Rotabase Fountain Bases are a functional, lightweight and tough answer to your fountain, pond or feed trough requirements.

Manufactured from UV stabilised, recycled polyethylene, the Rotabase is engineered for a long service life.




Vegecontrol provides a solid barrier from weeds and eliminates the need for herbicides. Raised off the soil surface providing aeration underneath and between the foliage of the plants, Vegecontrol reduces the need for watering and enables nutrient absorption by channelling water and fertiliser directly to the root zone. Included is a sheltered area for the placement of snail and slug baits for the protection of pets and fauna.

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Garden Ezy

The Garden Ezy planter is a revolution in raised garden beds. Made from long lasting, UV stabilised, food grade polyethylene, it wont leach nasty chemicals into your soil or deteriorate in the elements for many years to come.

A double skinned wall provides an air pocket of insulation that minimises temperature fluctuations and drying of the soil in the garden bed. The Garden Ezy raised garden bed has a built in water receptacle in the base of the planter that allows drainage of the soil while capturing the water for reuse.

Enjoy a raised garden bed or herb garden on your verandah, patio or balcony without the leaks, mess and stains that come with traditional pots.


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  Download our Garden Ezy instruction manual.



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