Solving Problems For Your Industry: Our Point of Difference

At Rotadyne we enjoy our reputation for taking the jobs that no one else will. From custom moulding jobs that others simply consider too difficult, to projects requiring materials that others don’t use. Many of our clients are referrals from other manufacturers that lacked the capacity to achieve what we can.

We maintain a strong local R & D program and continue to invest in finding ways to do things better. We look for better materials, better processes and more efficient logistical services for our clients. Maintaining this ethos over our 40 years in business is part of the reason we regularly find ourselves “solving the unsolvable” for our customers.

Of significant advantage to our customers is our ability to manufacture in our three Australian facilities. Plants in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, help keep transport costs of the finished product down as well as enable us to scale for high volume work.

Supporting our passion for innovation are our staff. We pride ourselves on having one of the most experienced and dedicated teams in the industry. We invest heavily in our team and have one of the industry’s lowest rates of staff turnover. In fact most of our senior managers have been with the company a minimum of ten years. This experience allows us to better identify opportunities for efficiencies for our customers and find solutions for the unsolvable. We have even designed and built our own rotational moulding  machines when the equipment manufacturers couldn't provide the facilities that we required.


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