What Rotadyne Does Differently

Rotadyne offers a full end-to-end service to our customers. We supply a large range of proven proprietary products and also make our decades of design and engineering skill available to transform your custom ideas into full production and distribution.

When customers come to us with unique product ideas, our in-house engineering and design staff work directly with them to transform the idea into reality. We offer a full custom service for customers, including the management of 3rd party services such as building of prototypes, Finite Element Analysis (computer simulation), production of ancillary components and standards compliance. We will work with customers on the costing for both tooling and production and proceed to manufacture only when all is acceptable.

We manufacture both component products that are then processed and assembled by our customers, as well as numerous fully assembled ready to use products.

We trade heavily on being a personal business and dealing one-on-one with our customers. Our customers have a direct line with our senior designers and we go to great lengths to be available on demand. We feel the quality and depth of our relationships with customers is validated by the significant repeat business we enjoy.


Rotadyne Pty Ltd

ABN 21 077 570 784

31-43 Power Street

St Marys NSW 2760



Tel. 1800 251 663

Fax. +61 2 9623 6810