About Us

Excellence & Expertise

The Rotadyne story is one of continually seeking excellence and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

A privately-owned Australian family business, Rotadyne began rotational moulding in 1973.

The combination of creating and manufacturing proprietary products and breakthrough solutions for customers has led to an enviable reputation as a market leader.

We believe that our unmatched understanding of rotational moulding and other tried and proven manufacturing processes makes us the Complete Product Development Solution Provider. Under one roof.

The company features a broad community of specialists capable of taking projects from conceptual ideas and drawings through to being placed at the point of purchase. Industrial designers, engineers, technical specialists, rotational moulding machine operators, Quality Assurance and product assembly technicians – some of whom have built up decades of expertise with us.

We call this holistic approach ‘Rotadyne D2M’. Design to Manufacture.

Today, the company is based on a five-acre site at St Marys in Western Sydney and services customers across Australia and New Zealand.

Letter of Recognised Supply

Letter of Recognised Supply

From 1990 until the present, Rotadyne has supplied a range of products to the Australian Defence Organisation. Rotadyne has supplied life rings, fresh water tank balls, apple floats, MB95 floats and plastic balls, in support of Australian Defence Force maritime operations.