Custom Moulding

Where Creativity Meets Individuality

“Custom” doesn’t just describe our ability to create purposeful designs and introduce new product features… It also refers to our flexible manufacturing strategies which are adjusted to suit each individual project. Rotational moulding allows for virtually any shape or size to be formed including complex and intricate parts along with a variety of surface finishes.

When a product requires other methods of manufacturing – either in collaboration with rotational moulding or in place of it – we have the industry expertise to manage this process on behalf of our customer, and oversee the complete design to manufacture cycle. The end result is a perfectly designed and manufactured product which is solid, proven and reliable

Explore the Rotadyne Difference

In-House Design

This is where the magic begins. A merging of the minds.

Together, we creatively seek the best solution for your desired outcome – be it launching a new product on to the market, extending your product range with a different version, or enhancing an existing product with new features and capabilities.

We support you with a highly skilled industrial design-engineering team using 3D CAD / finite element analysis / photorealistic rendering technology.

Complemented by decades of experience in rotational moulding and other proven forms of manufacturing using a wide range of materials.

Flexible Manufacturing

Each production run is unique – based on specific design requirements and production volumes.

Variances include:

  • Types of custom moulds (made for a fraction of the cost of blow moulding and injection moulding moulds)
  • Materials used to make the moulds (fabricated steel, cast or CNC-machined aluminium)
  • Product colours and wall thicknesses can be changed in the same run
  • Most suited manufacturing process(es)
  • Manufacturing quantities made to order from 10 units to 1000
  • Final assembly requirements (eg. incorporating pumps, handles, hinges, electronics, etc.)
  • Storage and delivery (to a warehouse, distribution network, customers, trade expo, etc.)
Colour Palette

Stand out from the crowd.

Imagine your products being made from almost any colour of the rainbow. Rotational moulding allows for a broad spectrum of PMS, RAL and other industry-standard colour matches. Enhance these with metallic effects, swirls, washes, speckles, stone effects and wood grain.

Customise even further by selecting from our palette of surface finishes – high gloss, semi gloss, matte and textured. You can have more than one finish on the same product.

Parts can also be painted or wrapped to auto salon standards.

Graphics and Embossing

Better looking and longer lasting than stickers or labels.

In-mould graphics are embedded into the surface of the product before it is produced and provide a permanent design which won’t peel or scratch off. Ideal for company branding, product logo, product information, serial number or barcode, handling and safety instructions.

Logos, patterns and information blocks can be embossed or in-relief on the product surface.

A subtle alternative to in-mould is embossing. Patterns and text as fine as 1mm can be applied into the surface of the mould.

Threads & Inserts

Ideal for products which have to be connected together or attached to other components.

Options include:

  • Brass inserts
  • Stainless Steel inserts
  • Blind & through threads
  • Inserts are fluted to ensure they cannot be pulled out of the mould
  • Plastic thread formers
  • Hybrid inserts
  • Moulded-in plastic & metal bushes
  • Moulded-in through holes (for D-shackles, bolts)
Foam Filled

Foam filling can increase structural rigidity and/or add thermal insulation to a hollow rotationally moulded product.

Other benefits include puncture contingency in flotation devices and improved noise damping.

Rotadyne features a range of polyethylene and polyurethane foams which can be added to products during the manufacturing phase.