We work to make your vision a reality.

“Custom” doesn’t just refer to our abilities to create purposeful designs and introduce new product features. Rotadyne affords you with a flexibility which accommodates for many shapes and sizes, including complex and intricate pieces, with a variety of surface finishes and colouring options.

Speak out in the universal language of design by speaking through colour, tactile identity and other unique aesthetic options.

To keep it short, the only limit is your imagination.



Stand out from the crowd by selecting from almost any colour of the rainbow.

We can colour match your product to our broad spectrum of PMS, RAL, and other industry standard colours.

We can also enhance the look with effects such as metallics, swirls, washes, speckles, stone effects and wood grain.

Graphics and Embossing

Better looking and longer lasting than labels, in-mould graphics are embedded into the surface of your product to provide a permanent design which won’t peel or scratch off.

Ideal for company branding, product logos, product information, serial numbers, barcodes, handling and safety instructions.

Patterns and text as fine as 1mm can be applied onto the moulds surface.

Threads and Inserts

These are used for products which need to be joined together or attached for completion.

We offer brass and stainless steel inserts, blind and through threads, plastic thread formers, hybrid inserts, and moulded in plastic and metal brushed.

Inserts are fluted to ensure they cannot be pulled out of the mould.

Foam Filled

Used to increase structural rigidity, add thermal insulation and increase buoyancy to a hollow, rotationally moulded part. It can also be used to improve noise dampening.

Rotadyne offers a range of Polyethylene and Polyurethane foams.

Surface Finishes

Customize your product even further by selecting your preferred surface finish.

Options include high gloss, semi-gloss, matte and textured features – and you can even select more than one.

Parts can also be painted or wrapped to auto salon standards.