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Trust your equipment is made to last.

Rotadyne has become the supplier-of-choice to a number of sectors including Marine, Lighting and Tanks and Underground Pumpstations.

All our products made in-house with UV stabilized polyethylene, providing you with high quality results.
Experience a world of difference with Rotadyne.


Purpose designed marine range, precision moulded from UV20 stabilized Polyethylene which can survive the harshest aquatic environments.
Our marine products are protected against the sun and the sea, letting you enjoy the waterside at peace.
We hold a complete range of either empty or foam filled products, including:

  • net floats
  • course marker buoys
  • bar floats
  • mooring buoys
  • life buoys

Durable, uniform and quality parts applicable across a multitude of industries.
Capable of high-quantities of up to 8-10 thousand parts a day. Some applications include:

  • Pool and spa parts
  • Electrical components
  • Pieces for clothing and accessories
  • Heating items
  • Jewelry boxes and other recreational products




Completely customizable and elegant lighting, designed to suit the space. 
Ideal for architect designed homes, retail showrooms, commercial buildings, shopping centers, and public places, all precision moulded from UV20 stabilized Polyethylene.

A range of styles and decors, including:

  • Spheres
  • Diffusers
  • Bollards
  • Custom

Built-for-purpose to hold its intended contents, whether it be water or chemical based.
Perfect for rural and semi-rural properties, modern metropolitan homes, and narrow inner city blocks, all precision moulded from UV20 stabilized Polyethylene.

  • Rugged, long-life construction
  • Round, slim-line and bunded tanks
  • A range of colours
  • 500-10,000 Liters capacity

Order a reliable pumpstation which checks all the boxes so that your requirements are met. 
Made from polyethylene, PVC and epoxy coated cast iron for excellent insulation and chemical resistance. 

  • Single and dual freestanding pumps
  • PVC or Polyethylene pipes and valves
  • Dismantling joints
  • Square or rectangular access cover (Polyethylene or cast iron)

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