Client: Nubian Water Systems
Industry: Water filtration and storage
Solution: Lightweight Bio Filters


Nubian Water Systems manufactured recycling, wastewater and purification systems – some of which featured Bio Filters. These units were traditionally made from materials such as stainless steel which are very heavy. For example, a bio filter system measuring 180 x 150 centimetres weighed almost 1 tonne.

Some recycling-purification systems required as many as 10 bio filters and their excessive weight became a challenge.


“We needed to come up with a prototype that rotomolded and this meant taking everything we do with stainless steel and re-designing and retooling it with Rotadyne to produce our first generation of plastic molded bio filters”, said Richard Vallance, General Manager of Customer Experience.

Nubian Water Systems GT5K

Project Outcomes:

1. Design-to-Manufacture. “Rotadyne’s ability to engage deeply on custom projects is one of the key drivers in the ongoing relationship. I would say the knowledge that they offer is invaluable. Rotadyne understand our business and our products.”

2. Re-Engineer Existing Products. “Right from the start Rotadyne has been asked to come up with unique customisation of traditional products. We were building a grey water recycling system for home use and we didn’t just want to replicate some of the water tanks you can buy from Bunnings. We wanted to make sure our system looks just as good but allows us to put our machinery inside the main cabinet”, said Richard.

3. Reduced Cost. The Rotadyne plastic solution was a cheaper alternative. “They’re even able to break down products that we can’t use and recycle them for later use.”

4. Accessibility. “We’re a global business and we’ve got business partners throughout Asia including Malaysia which is one of the rotomolding capitals in the world. We looked at all of those locations but decided for this project we wanted a local business partner we could have direct communication with. Rotadyne has always been available to us and that gives us the confidence we were looking for.”