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You’ve got your design down, now it’s time to start manufacturing it into a tangible reality. However, navigating the waters of product manufacturing can be rough without the insight and experience to guide you across.

The good news?
You’ve got us as your trusted crew.

 Versed in a multitude of manufacturing methods, Rotadyne can offer you a range of production pathways, each with their unique strengths, challenges and advantages. We use our decades of experience to guide you through your options, aiming to optimize the process and save you time, costs, waste, and most importantly, stress.

 We let your focus remain on your destination, while we tinker with the technicalities for smooth sailing.

Rotational Moulding

Injection Moulding

3D Printing

Post Processing

Rotational Moulding





Rotational moulding creates hollow, typically larger products such as water and fuel tanks.

With our custom moulding capabilities, it can be used to create an almost limitless array of products such as outdoor furniture, medical equipment and even vehicle components.

This is because rotational moulding provides complete design freedom with its versatility and flexibility in shape, size, finish, and features.

We have six rotational moulding machines, five which have multiple turret arms, two which are able to mould parts up to 3.6 meters in diameter.

Injection Moulding





Injection moulding is popular for its high production outputs and its ability to use multiple materials simultaneously. There are minimal post-production efforts due to its “clean-out-the-mould” characteristic.

It is ideal for smaller parts produced in mass quantity, used frequently to produce items such as medical devices and automobile parts, and bottle caps.

The process involves injecting molten plastic material directly inside a closed mould at high pressure which is then left to cool and solidify.

This happens over the course of 21 seconds and each machine can produce 8-10 hundred parts in a single day.

3D Printing





Additive manufacturing processes involves the layering of material in thin cross-sections to eventually build a completed object.

3D printing is a popular variant of additive manufacturing. It facilitates production of complex shapes and design features, as well as material options suitable for different applications. Rotadyne can help guide you through these production factors.

Applications can include things such as computer and robotics pieces, art, jewellery, and construction components.

Post Processing





Rotadyne offers post-manufacturing processes such as trimming, polishing, flaming and vacuuming. This service also includes attaching labels, barcoding, and foaming.

The purpose of this stage of production is to perfect each part to a professional, elevated level which distinguishes it as a high quality product. Products also go through multiple quality assessments, such as water tests and pressure tests, to ensure each part meets our production standards.

We can deliver anything from an untrimmed mould, to a completely finished product.

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