Client: Chem Bund
Industry: Chemical storage and dosing systems
Solution: Best practice bunded storage units meeting international standards


Develop a range of unique products for the safe storage and distribution of dangerous chemicals such as acids.


Rotadyne manufacture a self bunded tank in 4 sizes from 100 litre capacity up to 550 litres. These can be used to store and distribute chemicals in a variety of applications around the world.

A unique feature of these units is that they fit through standard door ways.

In addition, Rotadyne helped Chem Bund develop the IBC bund. This was designed to be more than just a storage device. It allows users to store non compatible chemicals side by side saving space and money, the bund can be fitted with a dosing tank underneath the IBC.

Project Outcomes:

1. Durable Design. “We chose rotational moulding because it gave us aesthetically pleasing products that are also rugged and reliable, at a competitive production cost. And, when they are no longer serviceable they can be recycled”, said owner Uch Perazza.

2. Freedom Of Design. “Rotomolding gives greater flexability in design and form. The appearance  and finish are high quality, and the durability in such a harsh environment is excellent. The dosing tanks and IBC bunds were both evolved products and would not have been possible without Rotadyne’s engineering team.”

3. Design-to-Manufacture. “We like the fact that Rotadyne is there to assist us from concept and design stages to delivering the completed product. That’s the only way we have been able to develop our product range”, said Uch.