Client: NSW Police
Industry: Policing
Solution: Blood samples transit case


Police officers were suffering a variety of WHS-related injuries from having to manhandle heavy steel boxes used for shipping blood samples collected at motor vehicle accidents.

The samples were transported across regional New South Wales to testing laboratories and the combination of rough roads and long distances led to boxes being bent out of shape. Not only were they difficult to handle, they  wouldn’t fit properly into the transit cases.


NSW Police needed boxes which were much lighter, had ‘memory’ so that they could reset back to their default shape if they were bumped in transit, could be sealed, and had the strength to withstand multiple usages.

Senior Sergeant Mark Stevens said their search for a plastic solution led them to Rotadyne,

“We showed them the product that we used at the time and they went away and developed a box that was very similar to the one we were using but made out of plastic. That met all of our criteria and we’re still using them today.”

That was in 2004!

Project Outcomes:

1. Fit For Purpose. The Rotadyne concept successfully matched the functionality of the outdated version. It demonstrated the strength of rotomolded plastics.

2. Engineered Solution. The box featured a tamper proof chute. Rotadyne designed a new part which could be molded separately and attached using a powerful industrial adhesive.

3. Cost Efficient. Being a state government department, NSW Police spend public money and therefore the outcome had to deliver a strong return on investment.