Igor will graduate from The University of Western Sydney this year with a Bachelor of Industrial Design with Honours.

Igor joins our lead design engineer – Sebastian Braat, who has been working closely with customers for over 10 years to take what is often simply an idea on the back of a napkin or a business challenge and then developing this idea into a commercial product using CAD software, FEA modelling and prototypes.

Igor and Sebastian work with clients to carefully resolve the design, develop tooling and run pre-production trials and continually monitor the quality process well into the production phase to ensure consistent and reliable results throughout the product’s life.

Sebastian commented that Rotadyne was often contacted by graduates looking to join the team and the selection process when hiring the best talent from a wide pool is often a gruelling process.

“We take a long look at previous work and projects and look for innovative ideas that students have come up with for some tough assignments. We also place great value in their communication skills as my team works very closely with every client. This is a key part of the role. Finding a good balance of skill, innovative thinking, and great communication skills is a tough criteria but Igor fitted the bill perfectly and he is already proving to be a great asset as more and more new projects come in. I’m proud to have Igor as part of the team”.

If you’re looking to discuss an idea or business challenge with our design and engineering team, or you’re looking for a better way to produce an existing product and want to consider a rotomoulded option, give Sebastian or one of our consultants a call on the number below – or complete the enquiry form here.