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Take your smart idea and turn it into a market leading product. At Rotadyne, we help you turn raw concepts into functional realities.

Experience complete customization freedom in an easy ‘design to manufacturing’ process, with an enviable reputation for developing quality, sought after products.


Points Of Difference


We flex an incomparable design flexibility. From tooling to product design, we provide options in surface finishes, colours, graphics, embossings, inserts and threads.

Enjoy compelte control over the way your product looks, feels and works.


We take you through the entire production process from start to finish. Rotadyne provides the full package.

Benefit from expert assistence in research and development, tooling, prototyping, manufacturing, post processing, assembly and shipping.


Our qualified members have years of experience in industry know-how and cohesive collaboration. Working together for decades has fine-tuned our teamwork to perfection.

We have a real dedication for excellence, and a real passion for innovation.


Order your tooling through Rotadyne to experience the bliss of our complimentary Peace of Mind Service.

We provide you with a guranteed working sample, saving you the costs of trials. We also include assigned undercover storage and general servicing.


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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. We’ve all heard this phrase repeated to us throughout the last couple of decades. Yet, while this has become a common rhetoric, there has been limited improvement in our waste management efforts. In fact, recycling (or the...

Rotadyne Joins with JAMAC Plastics

In June of 2021, a union was formed between the perfect, plastic pair. Rotadyne is always seeking opportunities to expand our capabilities and subsequentially what we can offer our clients in their manufacturing journeys. This is how we stumbled...

Getting Started with 3D Printing (Featuring PCA)

3D Printing, rapid prototyping, computer aided design, flexibility, sustainability. We heard the buzzwords. But what’s with all the fuss? On the 15th of March, 2021, Rotadyne staff members Jessica Pani (Intern Industrial Designer) and Caroline da...


Sebastian really helped us with the knowledge on rotomoulding… That’s the good thing about working with you guys, it’s the fine-tuning… especially when you have so many parts.

Liam Gibson

Project Engineer, Varley

“[In rotational moulding] We acknowledge that Rotadyne are the experts…If we need something rotomoulded, we come to you!”

Kane Mangin

Chief Executive Officer, ATS

“[Rotational moulding] Allows us to have a system which works more effectively, which improves user experience, and which enables [a new] version…”

Andrew Crimston

Founder and CEO, GeoSentinel

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