Your product has potential to lead the market and change your industry for the better.

But every product has its own obstacles and unique considerations. These must be accommodated for during its design and manufacturing.
Our design team are experts at identifying problems and offering turn-key solutions using industry-insights and knowhow.
We give you the blueprints for you to turn your ideas into inspiring realities.

Research &





Research and Development

Here, we make innovation happen.




Your idea is unique. It has the potential to lead and even change its industry.

But it also has a unique set of obstacles which are here to hinder your potential, potentially leaving your product to gather dust on the market shelf.
Research and development is crucial to avoid this, and our design team are experts at identifying problem areas and offering turn-key solutions using industry-insights and know-how.

We consider functionality, sustainability, competitors, methodology, and, most importantly, the user.
Understanding the requirements from each of these sectors will turn your good idea into a sought out product.


Manufacturing Method

We direct you to the processes which best suits the needs of your product to optimize time, costs and innovative opportunities.


We ensure your product is one people want to reach for, known for a pleasant handling experience.


We advise you on the most suitable material for your project, based on the various options available, so your product is fundamentally suitable.


We run trials and use our own know-how and experience to ensure your product is practical for the intended users.

Field Requirements

Depending on your industry, we adhere to regulations which are essential to establish yourself as a reliable and credible brand.

Product Specifications

Here, your imagination can thrive.




“Custom” doesn’t just refer to our abilities to create purposeful designs and introduce new product features. Rotadyne affords you with a flexibility which accommodates for many shapes and sizes, including complex and intricate pieces, with a variety of surface finishes and colouring options.

Individuality meets creativity with complete design freedom.

Whether your goal is to communicate brand identity, or to take your product from effective to exceptional, we let you be a part of the story so the process, and the results, reflect your desired outcome.



 We can colour match your product to our broad spectrum of PMS, RAL, and other industry standard colours.

We can also enhance the look with effects such as metallics, swirls, washes, speckles, stone effects and wood grain.

Graphics + embossing

We can implement embossed graphics onto the surface of your product.

We can also apply in-mould graphics (as fine as 1mm), fused into the surface of your product for better looking and longer lasting labels.

Threads + Inserts

We offer brass and stainless steel inserts, blind and through threads, plastic thread formers, hybrid inserts, and moulded in plastic and metal brushes.

Ideal for products which need to be joined together or attached for completion.

Foam Filled

Rotadyne offers a range of Polyethylene and Polyurethane foams, to increase structural rigidity, add thermal insulation and increase buoyancy to a hollow, rotationally moulded part.

It can also be used to improve noise dampening.

Surface Finishes

Select your preferred surface finish, options including high gloss, semi-gloss, matte and textured features – and you can even select more than one.

Parts can also be painted or wrapped to auto salon standards.


Here, you test before you commit.




We don’t leave things to chance. Be 100% confident that your product plays and looks the part.

Rotadyne creates preliminary versions of your product, which allow us to better envision your idea into a tangible reality, and determine what works, and what requires adjusting.

Using CAD and other computer technologies we identify issues, refine features and adjust necessary details, before you commit to large quantity orders.

Not only is this is an essential step in creating functional, practical and productive products, but it also saves you time, costs, and most importantly stress. Don’t miss design opportunities, or risk making preventable errors down the line.



Your projects budget may change as we develop your product. Prototyping can be effectively used as a tool to improve accuracy on lead time and costs estimates.


Finding opportunities to elevate your product, whether through minimising waste, improving overall functionality or including innovative design features which add value.


Our team are experts at identifying potential problem areas and offering turn-key solutions. We take preventative approaches with prototyping to avoid mistakes down the line.


Holding your product in your hand may spark new ideas and lead your design development in new directions which give you a competitive edge.


Prototyping helps us showcase our progress, and helps you to effectively communicate any changes which need to be made before production begins.


Here, you can leave it to the experts.




We give your moulds that extra TLC to keep them running effectively, and to help you avoid the headaches of major repairs and replacements. Lower quality moulds can cause defects on the product’s surface, can increase the likelihood of warpage and aggravate other manufacturing errors.

We guide you through the tiring technicalities behind selecting materials, custom designs and any additional features. We also take care of sourcing, storing, and servicing of all your equipment purchased through us.

Source your equipment through us and receive this complimentary Peace of Mind service.


Premium Aluminium: Billet
  • Best performing moiuld with howroom quality results
  • Multiple surface finishes including polished gloss.
  • Even heat distribution for consistent wall thicknesses.
Standard Aluminium: Cast
  • Fantastic all-rounder mould.
  • Multiple surface finishes available, including textured surfaces.
  • Even heat distribution for consistent wall thicknesses.
Fabricated Steel Moulds
  • Aussie made!
  • Perfect for simpler parts and water tanks
  • Industrial surface finish
  • Perfect for agricultural or industrial applications.
Injection Moulding Steel Tools
  • Long life heavy duty steel
  • Perfect for small parts with large runs.

Product Showcase

Here, you can show off in style.




We at Rotadyne believe in your product: now the whole world will too.

It’s not enough to just put your product on the shelf: you need to make it worth reaching for. Illustrate your product’s value by utilising stylish and professional content, which works to communicate your brand as a credible industry leader.

We offer renderings, animations, photographs and graphics which can be developed once your products design is completed.

This helps cut through the noise of competitors and tell your products story. Reflect your passion for your project and elicit the right response from your customers before they click ‘buy’.



Professionally created still images made using CAD and software programs and used for both preliminary design conceptual work as well as for marketing the completed product.


High quality visuals which are perfect for marketing and showcasing purposes, created using CAD work and software programs.

Guides & Manuals

Instructional texts or materials which are aiding in, or required for, the successful use of your product or service. This can include assembly guides, warning flyers, and operating manuals.

Marketing Content

High value, informational based content including catalogues, brochures and pamphlets. These can be used to help describe and promote your product, service or brand.

Unleash your creativity.

Our team of designers and engineers are unmatched with their industry expertise and skillful technical know-how. 

Learn about our awesome community of clients who have made their mark in their industries and in their markets.

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